Archery Instructor for Beginners Needed in Westfield/Flemington, NJ

ArcheryPro is one of the foremost schools for archery instruction. Archery is at an all-time high in popularity in the area . and therefore we need more teachers ..We teach at ranges and also clients homes all over Westfield/Flemington area. If you have experience with bow hunting or targets, you may be an applicant.
Top instructors make up to $50 per hour!

-Plus at-home lessons for those with property

-Must have car
-Must have cell phone
-Must have at least three years of experience with archery
-Must be at least 17 years old
-Must speak English

-Teaching beginners the basics (form, power, and aim)
-Retrieving arrows for students
-Part time instruction (no prior teaching experience is needed)
Applications are required. >>>Apply now:

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