Lead Pool Technician

Job Location:
Various locations throughout central New Jersey
Generally within a 1 hour driving radius of Flemington, NJ Job
Description and Responsibilities:
Conduct pool openings, winterizations and general pool repair and maintenance
Would have one assistant under your direction for openings and winterizations
Openings (sampling of tasks)
Unplugging/dewinterizing pipes
Startup of pumps and filters
Testing and balancing of pool chemicals
Removal, folding and storage of pool cover
Basic pool equipment repair
Closings (sampling of tasks)
Plugging/winterizing pipes
Blowout and draining of pumps and filters
Testing and balancing of pool chemicals
Installation of pool cover
General Repair and Maintenance
Replacement of filters, pipes and pumps
Upgrading of systems
Weekly cleaning of pools
Testing and balancing of pool chemicals
Dates of employment:
April 25, 2014 - October 25, 2014 ?
Actual days and hours of work would vary weekly and would likely be inconsistent
Typical time per pool:
Openings: 3 hours
Winterizations: 3 hours
Weekly Maintenance Visit: 1.
5 hours
Prerequisites: - Pool maintenance experience - Must have a valid New Jersey driver's license
Pay Rate: ? Starts at $18/hour

Don't Be Fooled

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